After the Snowfall

We had a good foot of snow here in the Rockies yesterday but today the skies are back to their brilliant blue and the snow is beautiful on the pine trees.  It is a good day to continue testing my Cláirseach sock pattern.

After the Snowfall

Today I am working on the top down version of the pattern.  Knitting socks from the top down is actually my favorite way to knit socks.  The pattern will be offered with both options, toe-up or top down because I know sock knitters have their preferences and I want Cláirseach to not be hindered by a particular technique.


The intricate cable pattern looks the same flipped around for the top down method so both styles will be able to use the same chart.  The chart has now been revised ten times so I am quickly learning the value of ‘testing’ and ‘re-testing’ a pattern.  I have five knitters right now knitting through the patterns to make sure there are no errata.  I greatly appreciate the keen eye of these ladies!


If you are a sock knitter, would you mind telling me what your preferred method is?  Top Down?  Toe Up?


Because this is an intricate cable pattern running down the middle of the sock, I have designed the pattern to be knit on either two circular needles or by using the Magic Loop method.  I didn’t want to break that cable up between double point needles to avoid the little ‘ladder’ that often forms between the needle.  The cable also goes up the back of the leg.  Would that deter you from knitting this pattern if you prefer double points or would you be able to compensate when reading the pattern?


Thanks for letting me pick you brain.  All feedback will be greatly appreciated!  I am still revising but hope to release this pattern soon.

2 Comments on “After the Snowfall

  1. I used to be strictly top down but I discovered David’s Toe Up Sock Cookbook and I am really enjoying toe up now. I especially like not having to graft the toe.

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