Tips for Those Who Wander are Not Lost

Here are finished Clue 1 pictures of the Mirkwood Socks.

Mirkwood Clue 1 Left Sock

The Left Sock.


The Right Sock.

A Tip to Help You Along Your Journey –

When I moved into the stockinette portion of the sock I placed stitch markers on each side of the cable.  At that point you can just concentrate on following the chart for some mindless knitting.  The cable twist is worked on row 3 and row 8 .


Don’t be too concerned if you miscount those rows for all those who wander on paths sometimes stray a little.  Your socks will still be beautiful and whenever you wear them they will remind you of short little hobbits and slightly taller dwarves.

There is still time to join us on our journey.  You can download Clue 1 here.

2 Comments on “Tips for Those Who Wander are Not Lost

  1. Question: Are you working on anything from your ufo list? It seems to me I’m just seeing new things. This pattern is beautiful and I love your yarn.

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