UFO Thursday when I’m Pressed for Time

This past week has flown by and UFO Thursday has rolled around upon me again.  I think a good movie is on the agenda this afternoon to help me get over the hump of not wanting to work on some of these lingering projects.  I have too many to pick from!


Which of these projects would you tackle first if you were in my shoes with knitting needles in hand?


1.  The Lyrics Scarf?


2.  The Poetry scarf?


3.  The Tartan Tweed fingerless mitts?


4.  The Wallflower Socks?


5.  The Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy?  -or-


6.  Sew up some of these squares for the Kaffe Fassett afghan?

And just as promised last week, my completed Autumn Pueblo Stole has now been crossed off the UFO list.  Yay!


5 Comments on “UFO Thursday when I’m Pressed for Time

  1. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I’d choose the one you can finish the quickest! What movie are you putting in?

  2. Without a doubt, the Sheep Carousel Tea Cosy! Immediately followed by fingerless mitts 🙂 It’s a great Kate Davies design (I so want to order that kit) and you always need fingerless mitts! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. They are all lovely. I would chose the tea cozy, then you could set the covered teapot next to you to enjoy while you are working on the next project.

  4. You make me feel a little better about all of my unfinished projects!

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