If I Were a Poet

If I were a poet I would write a poem about the Colorado sky.


The Colorado sky is unlike any place I have ever lived and I have lived in many places.


Hubby and I went to Cripple Creek today with friends to see the ice sculptors but it was the sky that captivated us, not the ice.


If I could paint these skies I would.


I once painted nine months of Colorado sunrises into a stocking hat.  Do you remember?


I think these skies have a hold on my heart and I want to live here forever.  Well, at least my earthly home can be here.  I have faith to believe heaven will be even more beautiful and I sure wouldn’t want to miss that!


Do you want to see the ice?  The ice is, after all, why we journeyed on a winding mountain road just before dusk. First I will show you the flame thrower.


He had his own musician who played fire throwing music behind a wall of ice.


An ice castle seemed to be a favorite place for sweethearts to have their Valentine pictures taken.


In front of a familiar ice cream store was an interesting piece of ice.  We have only frequented The Rocky Mountain Canary on summer days but never in the dead of winter.  Have you heard that Denver is called the Mile High City because it sits one mile above sea level?  Cripple Creek boasts of ‘2 mile’ ice cream because this mining-turned-casino town sits two miles above sea level.  Do you know why there would be a ‘canary’ store in a mining town?


We enjoyed our little drive down the road to see the ‘ice’ but for these mountain lovers, the sky was the desert.

2 Comments on “If I Were a Poet

  1. Well I forgot to put the sculpture show on the calendar ~ so thanks for sharing the photos! The ice sculptures are so amazing. Your sky photos are great! Yes, we are blessed to live in this great state.
    The only carary connection I can think of… before technology brought modern detection devices, miners used canaries and mice to detect for deadly carbon monoxide and other gases in the mines (my great uncle mined in Victor/Cripple Creek). But in this case, who knows 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures. The canary was for what Elaine said. Yes I remember your Colorado sunrise hat! It was beautiful also. I’ll get to see the ice sculptures soon I hope. See you this afternoon.

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