A Penny for My Thoughts

Ten years ago I was passionate about knitting socks and really had no interest in knitting anything else.   After spending two years reading the blogs of others who shared their knitting passions on-line I created my own blog as a place to journal as well.  I had recently discovered two groups online that were devoted exclusively to knitting socks together and I promptly joined them.

from Around the World in Knitted Socks

The first group was knitting from Knitting on the Road, by Nancy Bush. These 18 sock patterns were fun, easy, and portable–making the book great for obsessive knitters on the move as we all were. I was excited to find a group of ladies with the goal of knitting a selected sock from this book six times a year.  Being a relatively new sock knitter, I welcomed the sage advice of these other knitters.  The second group was called Sock Knitters Anonymous and they picked a designer and knit a select sock together each month.  I was turning out socks at a rapid pace and this newly created blog was a place to post pictures of my finished socks so other members in those groups could see them.  It was a tight knit (pardon the pun) community of knitters who enjoyed reading each others blogs and learning from one another.  Some of us still remain in touch with one another.

Blogging was a relatively new thing ten years ago and I really only read blogs about knitting which helped me develop my skill as a knitter.  Many of those early bloggers went on to write books and become known in the world of knitters.  As time moved along I wrote about other things in my life but my primary focus was still to just promote a love of knitting and learni to do it well.


One by one all my old knitting buddies have shut down their blogs and moved on.  Ravelry came along in 2007 and took the knitting world by storm.  It is an online community for knitters, crocheters and other fiber fans.  I love it.  It is a social networking site where you can share information about patterns and yarn and chat on forums but what I love most is that it is a place for me to keep a record on my stash, my needle collections and my projects with details and photos about that project.  I can stay a little more organized and I can connect with other people who love to knit.  It is my absolute favorite place to be sucked into a time black hole and a place where I get lots of ideas.  If you are a knitter, crocheter, spinner or weaver then it is a must-join site for you!

Purl 2 tog tblSo really, I’m not sure what the focus of this blog should be going forward.  It seems like now is the time to re-define those original objectives all over again and perhaps take it into a new direction.  More hiking and scenery?  More photography adventures?  Knitting tips?  Sharing what I’ve learned through the TKGA Master Knitting Courses?  Spinning? Who knows?

I guess only time will tell but for now……20120724-161736.jpg I may visit my archives and just relive the past decade.



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10 Comments on “A Penny for My Thoughts

  1. I love your post and totally understand where you’re coming from as I often feel the same. It seems like many bloggers are shutting down their sites or simply stop blogging. Maybe things are changing in the knitting world.

  2. I think it should include all of the above. Your variety of interest is what makes your blogs unique. I love reading them….!

  3. Love the socks and your blog….please continue blog and where can I get pattern?

    • Thanks! I’ll link that picture to its Ravelry project page. The sock is from Stephanie van der Linden’s book called Around the World in Knitted Socks. Lots of really nice socks in that book.

  4. I know that writting & putting together posts must be a lot of work, but I am really enjoying all of your writings. Especially being new to sock knitting and spinning… excited to hear and learn more on those, plus I was kicking around the idea of doing the master class :::tremble::: Also, for those of us who don’t “do” facebook, blogs are very valuable resources 🙂 And besides, they allow for new friends ~ Thanks for all you do and write!

    • Awww Elaine, Thank you so much for your kind words! Now that I know you are kicking around that idea of doing the Master Knitting course I will encourage you to jump in and do it! The course has helped me grow tremendously as a knitter and the TKGA group on Ravelry is a great support group. It is not for everyone though. I have three friends who signed up and decided that. I’m a process knitter and am always wanting to learn new things in all areas of life. I also am a bit of a perfectionist. I believe they felt like they were back in school and didn’t want someone to look at their work with that critical eye. I wanted to learn the ‘right’ way so enjoy that process. Just my two cents to help you make a decision. 😉

      • Thanks for the info! I agree, learning the right way is important to me. Saves brain damage down the road. Perfectionist… yea, totally 🙂 I will get with you when I can go forward. Time constraints for the next few months.

  5. Oh, in my previous thank yous I forgot to include… inspiration! I am still in awe over your Poison!

    • Thanks…..the knitting world of blogging is great for inspiration….I spotted three new things I want to knit yesterday after browsing blogs.

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