Friday Fiber

The fiber eye candy I’m sharing today are a few shots from my Friday Fiber club that meets once a month.  As I’ve mentioned before, this wonderful eclectic group of women inspire me greatly and I’m learning a lot from them.


Today’s meeting place was at a member’s home who is an incredible yarn dyer. Her sense of color is amazing and I love both spinning and knitting with her fibers.  Not only does she produce amazing fiber she also weaves, sews, quilts and spins lovely things.  We often are given the opportunity to have a tour of the hostesses’ home to get a glimpse of her ‘stash’ and fiber equipment. Today was one such day.


We started with this beautiful quilt which commemorates the forest fires we all have had to cope with in recent years.  The flames in the quilt were not completely attached to the quilt which give the piece much depth and movement. To me it also captured the sense of doom we all felt where we lived (the blue sky/green trees) as the smoke and fire crept toward where we lived.

We moved on into the weaving area of her studio……


IMG_1271 IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1274

And saw this lovely blanket made out of cotton……with a mousetrap on top of it…..


Here is a glimpse of her extremely well-organized stash ….


I wish I could be this organized.  She was able to bop back and forth between her studio and where we were bringing up things to show us ……

IMG_1279Me?  I bop down into my work area to look for something that inevitably has disappeared into who knows where.  Note to self:  I must get organized before hosting at my house!

We moved on into her dyeing room that I would love to show in detail but will not in order to protect her business.  I will summarize it by saying that all the dyers in the group were doing an awful lot of eweing-and-ahhing.  Even I, a non-dying-person, wanted to come spend a day in her little studio playing with colors and fiber.  (At this point I would far rather knit so that in itself should clue you in on how amazing this studio was).  Here is a little peek…



And here is some lovely bamboo/tussah silk she had just finished dyeing which I really wanted to take and rub all over my body.


I think I’m going to have to ask to purchase it when it is finished, or at least stalk her Etsy Shop looking for it!

At some point during the day we have a show and tell which is always enjoyable.


This lovely silk yo-yo scarf was bought to be disassembled.  The little yo-yos were going to be used to embellish clothing.


This fabric was bought in another state with the intention of making it into a jacket.  The bottom brown fabric was ‘mud’ dyed.  I had never heard this technique.  Apparently, dyeing with real live mud produces a very expensive piece of fabric.


The lower fabric was bought to co-ordinate with the ribbon pictured above it.  This ribbon was hand-made and the pieces of fabric were folded over each other and sewn together.


As you can see, we really were fascinated by it.  I believe it was made in Guatemala.

I shared two shawls – the Poison Eiregal and the Romi Mystery Shawl which everyone liked.  I really have no fiber skills to share at this point but perhaps I will someday.  I also told them about the Shaun the Sheep Picnic BlanketRowan Yarns current fiber knit-a-long.  It is based on an animated movie about about a sheep named Shaun.  I had never heard of it but my very organized hostess had.  She beep-beep-bopped right on down into her studio and came back with Shaun …..


Isn’t he a cutie?

3 Comments on “Friday Fiber

  1. Wow, what a great post and such fibery inspiration! I’m quite envious of the day you enjoyed:)

  2. Wow! What a great and inspirational group! (wish I was that organized, too)

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