Master Knitting Monday

Still plodding along, trying to master the fine and ancient art of knitting……

The two lace patterns have been written and the corresponding swatches have been knit.  I have to weave a couple ends in and attach the swatch labels and I can check these off my swatch list in TKGA Master Knitting Level Two.


There is a lace gauge worksheet I’ve been putting off doing along with several questions on gauge issues with lace.


Barbara Walker’s Knitting Treasuries have been an excellent pattern resource to help me choose the two lace patterns I went with.  I have the first three Treasuries and hope to get the fourth Treasury soon.  The above swatch is called English Mesh Lace.

The one below is an Openwork Diamond pattern.IMG_1305

Most of the research has been done for the questions that go along with these swatches.  Several dealt with what ‘multiples’ were in a pattern and what ‘repeats’ were.  A couple of my resources seem to contradict what I think the committee is looking for (based on an article in Cast On Magazine by a committee member) so I’m not sure if my answer will ‘pass.’


Five book reports are required for this level and I just started reading the first of five.  So far it is very interesting and I feel like I’m sitting listening to a grandma who has years and years of wisdom under her belt.  If I glean any purls of wisdom then I will pass them along in another update.

3 Comments on “Master Knitting Monday

  1. Lovely swatches! I’ve thought about doing the Master Knitting Program, but can’t seem to decide if I want to or not. Are you enjoying it ?

    • I am enjoying the Master Knitting courses, Tina. I think they are worth the time invested in them . I am taking my time going through the levels. That is actually one of the nice things about it – you aren’t under time restraints.

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