IMG_7246For almost sixteen years I’ve been traveling a highway to and from Colorado Springs.  Pike’s Peak, the beautiful mountain before me, always takes my breath away and I have always wanted to take a picture at this spot on the highway.  That hasn’t been possible in a moving vehicle but today, after all these years, I decided to drive alongside the highway on a side street so I could take that shot.  With only my phone camera in tow this isn’t as clear as it could be but this fourteener, it is still breathtaking even with a phone camera.

6 Comments on “Street

  1. Nice photo! It’s an amazing mountain in so many ways. It makes the drove up Ute Pass so enjoyable, doesn’t it 🙂 Have a good day!

  2. I use to live in Monument and so miss the view of Pikes Peak, especially after a snow fall. Thank you for the view, it is truely a great one!!!

    • Yes, pikes Peak is a beauty isn’t she? This is the most snow she has ever had on her in June and she really is really beautiful right now. Thanks for stopping by!

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