Tour de Fleece 2015

It’s right around the corner, spinning friends – Tour de Fleece 2015. I am pulling out the spindles and finishing up things on my wheel so I will be all set and ready to spin!  My spindles will be spinning some Hedgehog Fibre I got in Ireland a couple years ago.


The fibre is from Corriedale sheep and this is the first time I’ve spun Corriedale.  It’s a little    fuzzy but running it through the diz a couple times has tamed it some.


What are you planning on spinning?

7 Comments on “Tour de Fleece 2015

  1. Such lovely fiber! I’ve never mastered the hand spindle. I still have a yummy BFL on my wheel that has sadly been in progress for many months. Just not enough time for everything these days. Enjoy Tour De Fleece.

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors. This will be my first TdF spinning on my new wheel. So I’m kinda excited 🙂 Plan on spinning every day, just to improve consistency, joins, etc. And to become more familiar with the wheel. And of course, have some fun!

      • A Matchless :::happy dance::: And so far, loving it 🙂

      • Great choice. I love my Matchless! The Kromski Sonata I also have is nice but the Matchless is definitely a cut above. Happy Spinning!

  3. I am not a spinner so cannot comment.
    However, I was at Woolfest in Cumbria, North of England over the weekend. I help to sell my friend’s hand-dyed yarn. I had a customer late in the day and thought I recognised her. I helped her out and all was well. It was only later I realised that she was your double (well, very nearly). I had been thinking for ages – who is this person? The it all dropped into place. So, you have a (nearly ) double in Britain!!

    • I knew I had a double in Britain! LOL I wonder if she would want to swap locations for a season 😉

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