Anticipating a Day By the River

The invitation to spend a day alongside the Arkansas River dyeing fiber was more than tantalizing.  I’m easily allured, playing with enticing colors drawn from plants in this montane zone is just too irresistible.

Hi Dyers,

Looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday. I’ll have 4 colors ready, and you are welcome to bring mordanted yarn. We can do various dips, and replenish the blue and yellow pots. The red and purple will be more limited. You can each bring up to 10 ounces. We can also play with some blending techniques. I have hackles, and a friend is bringing her drum carder. If anyone has a blending board to demonstrate, bring that.

Please bring a lunch. I’ll have some muffins, coffee and tea. My well water is very good.

Attached are directions.



The wildflowers have been stunning this year so I can’t wait to see the colors that come from the dye pots.  My eight ounces of fiber is skeined and presently soaking in water to get it ready to be mordanted.

Stay tuned….. I’ll post pictures later this week.

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