The Frog Pool

This fetching wee sweater was headed to the frog pool two years ago.  Back then I loathed seaming sweaters and when I attempted to seam the raglan sleeve did not have the gumption to finish.  I ripped out the seams because they looked lousy and the sweater’s  future frogging was eminent.IMG_1740

With an upcoming baby shower I had a few fleeting moments thinking I would knit a present but quickly realized the time frame was unreasonable.  But then I remembered this abominable baby cardigan and contemplated finishing it.  It seemed like a worthy task and I felt a little more fearless having finished my seaming swatches for the TKGA Master Knitting Program.

So ….. I learned a few lessons here ….. instead of immediately frogging a frustrating project, instead send it to time out.  Later on you may just wonder what all the hullaballoo was about and you may find you can embrace it again.

This precious sweater is far from flawless.  The second lesson I learned is to make sure you don’t do those neck and sleeve shaping decreases immediately at the edge.  This was one of those patterns that just specified a decrease but didn’t tell you how to do so.  The seaming process will go much easier if you do those decreases one stitch in from the edge!

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