Wandering Moon – Part 1

I’ve been working on the border for Wandering Moon for the last couple weeks.  This crescent-shaped shawl is a design by Michelle Hunter and was a featured knit along last October.  When I saw this one I thought it would work nicely with some of my oldest stash yarn, Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool.  I bought three skeins of this 45% wool/ 35% silk/ 20% nylon yarn many years ago when it was deeply discounted at a yarn store in Texas.  I believe this particular yarn will enhance the beautiful stitches and techniques in this shawl.
Wandering Moon Border
This shawl incorporates interesting techniques and stitches so I hope to increase my skills while creating a wearable work of art in the lovely shade of ‘medium’ blue.
Wandering Moon is knit from the bottom up beginning with a unique cabled border.  The border is knit as one long strip.  The next step for me will be to pick up stitches along the edge for the body of the shawl.   I cast on using the Cable Cast On method which produces a nice edge with the right side facing all ready to knit the first row.  Since the border was worked over a small number of stitches I used my beautiful shorter length Signature Needles with the stiletto tips – the perfect length needle for this strip of cables.
Signature Needles

According to the designer, the MOST IMPORTANT task in this border was to to hang a marker from the last stitch of every 20 row repeat.  I worked the cabled border pattern 26 times.  Apparently, the markers will help me correctly pick up stitches in the next step and also help me incorporate a new stitch into the pattern.  It was kind of nice to do round up all my markers!


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