A Few Days in Denver

I went to visit my daughter in Denver this week for some much needed mother-daughter time.  The whole month of January was lost to my gallbladder ‘event’ and, although I was enjoying the restful time of recuperation at home, I was more than ready to get out and have a bit of girl fun.  We packed our three days together with great food, hair cuts, pedicures, shopping and seeing Dirty Dancing at the Buell Theatre.

IMG_8081 IMG_8082

My visits to Denver are never complete unless I get to spend some time in a fantastic store called Fancy Tiger Crafts.  I seriously love this store!

First off, it is a quilting nirvana for modern quilters…Amy Butler…Liberty of London, etc.  It is a revolutionary shop with a modern twist on many different clothing and accessories.  The women in the shop are young and eager to help you, the clientele is young, too.  It does my heart good to see young women knitting and sewing because I feel these arts need to be kept alive. Each generation needs to add its own ‘brand’ to a fluent art.


For the knitter, it has all the latest and greatest yarns.  The first time I visited the shop I kept holding my breath in astonishment to see many of the yarns I had only read about in magazines hanging from hooks in the store.



And for the geek in me, the shop abounds in  fun knitting and sewing gadgets.  I bought the sharpest and strongest quilting needles I’ve ever used, a Japanese brand, on one visit.  On another visit I bought an antler button that I use for a spinning ditz.  This time I bought these fun alpaca stitch markers.

IMG_2099 The shop calendar is full of famous designers visiting throughout the year to teach. I just missed by three days three of my favorite designers -Romi Hill, Laura Nelkin and Miriam Felton.  Pooh!  I wish I lived close enough to attend each and every event.  I guess I can plan a few ‘sleepovers’ at my daughter’s house and make some of the events/classes. Daughter eyed a couple cute items and I took ‘tag’ pictures to remember them.   IMG_8083

IMG_8084 When we saw that the Clementine Cowl (below) was made with some handspun yarn I told her to pick out a complement to the yarn I just finished spinning and I would make it for her.     IMG_8090


I showed Allison some yarn in shades similar to what I spun and she picked Malabrigo Finito in ‘Bronce’.  Here it is pictured with my handspun on the bottom.  I can’t wait to see how the cowl turns out.


Off to buy the pattern on Ravelry and to start playing with colors!  Happy knitting!

3 Comments on “A Few Days in Denver

  1. This is where my Christmas scarf came from. In fact I think I see the yarn in one of the pic.

  2. Looks like you had a marvelous time! Now I feel the need for a road trip….
    Can’t wait to see the cowl finished ~

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