Fibonacci on a Snowy Monday

After listening to The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up on Audible I looked at the huge mason jars on a bookcase in my girl-cave filled with yarn leftover from who-knows-how-many socks and decided it was time to declutter. Perfect timing! The February challenge in the Socknitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry is to design your own socks.  (edited:was told they don’t qualify because they are striped…oh well….still doing it….just won’t qualify).

I have a plan.  I’ll use the **fibonacci** formula to knit the stripes and use a jogless join so the stripes don’t ‘stagger’ in the back. I’ll have fun remembering past creations with each stripe and enjoy the process!
Fibonacci Plan

Each fibonacci segment will be a 2+4+8+16+8+4+2 color sequence.  The wide middle segment (16 rows) will be a variegated yarn and the other stripes in the sequence will use colors within that varigation.
Stash for Cortata

I choose a thigh high because, well …..I have A LOT of tiny yarn balls in jars and even more stashed in drawers and closets. The name ‘Cortata’  was chosen because it the Italian (fibonacci is Italian) word for colorful.   As you know, I live in the beautiful Colorado Rockies and ‘Colorado’ also means colorful. See the connection?

That is the plan! Let’s see where this takes me……..

                          over the knee cuff in a neutral color
4 " Cuff - Over the Knee

first Fibonacci sequence ….

First Fibonacci Sequence

second Fibonacci sequence…….
Second Fibonacci

These sequences are pretty addicting.  I started Saturday morning and couldn’t put this sock down.

P.S.  I’ll post the pattern when I am done just in case any of you want to bust your fingering yarn stash.


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