January Mosaic 2016

Where did January go?  Here we are in February already and I feel like I completely lost the month of January.  I forgot to post my January Mosaic on Monday so I will go ahead and do it now before I forget again.  This was a fellow blogger’s idea who lives on the other side of the world and I thought it was a good one, a good way to commemorate a month.  A century or two ago, it was common to keep journals and it was perfectly fine to enter only a sentence or two about what you did that day.  This monthly mosaic goes along those lines allowing me to remember a snippet of my year.  I like that idea.
January 2016 Mosaic

I was in severe pain when January started out and it took nine days before I learned my gallbladder was in bad shape.  It took another week to get in to see the surgeon and the next day I had it removed.  Although I briefly agonized over the decision to remove it I am more than happy I did because the pathology report revealed it had been giving me issues for quite some time.  So……….most of January was lost to recovery naps but I managed to start a pair of socks and join a stranded cowl knit along.  I did a bit of weaving but only because my loom was already warped.

The highlight of the month was going to Denver to stay with my daughter three days.  Since I couldn’t drive yet, hubby had to take me half-way where she picked me up and took me on to her home.  I was introduced to ‘bath bombs’ on this trip and now want some more of them, bright flowers from the hubby, alpaca stitch markers from a favorite shop and going to the theatre.

Snippets of life…..

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