Ten on Tuesday

The Ten On Tuesday prompt for Tuesday, February 2, 2016, in honor of Groundhog Day (both the movie and the, errrr, holiday) is 10 Moments/Events/Days In Your Life You’d Like To Repeat.

This is to be alone; this, this is solitude. ~ Lord Byron

It has been a while since I have posted a Ten on Tuesday but I enjoyed thinking about this one so much that I decided to participate in this round.

Ten Moments/Events/Days in My Life

I Would Like to Repeat


  1. The day I picked up my bright pink Stingray bicycle with a pink and silver banana seat and rode it around my neighborhood for hours ….. so pleased to be seen on such a hot item. 🙂
  2. The day we pulled up to our new home in Virginia after moving across country from California and there was a bright orange MGB sports car waiting out front for me (a bribe from my Dad to get me to move and go to college in VA).  Dad handed me the keys and my little brother and I took off in it.  I had very almost no experience driving a stick shift.  My brother had to change gears for me every time I pushed the clutch in because I was terrified.  We thought that when the tachometer needle reached the ‘red’ zone, it was time to change gears.
  3. The moment my husband, after many days of telling me he would probably never fall in love (the stinker and obviously denying it) looked at me with a dimpled smile and said, “I think I’ve fallen in love with you, yes, I think this is love.”
  4. That moment I walked out of the church on my husband’s arm as a Mrs., walking in was way too stressful.
  5. The first time I jogged six miles.  An avid short distance jogger, I was at my grandmother’s house in muggy Louisiana and she had picked a route longer than she thought it was.  Since it was a circle I had no other option but to run the full course because I didn’t want the menfolk out looking for me – that would have been far too humiliating.  I sure wish I could jog now and would love to go back to those days when it was so effortless.
  6. The day I brought my firstborn home from the hospital one month early and got her all settled into her new nursery.  Nothing beats preparing for a baby’s arrival for months by lovingly creating a nursery just for that special homecoming event.  There was a yellow haired Cabbage Patch doll waiting for her that she eventually went to college. ;0
  7. Strolling through the hospital corridor with my second born , a little daughter that looked like a ‘papoose’ baby with rosy cheeks and having everyone want to pinch her little cheeks in admiration.  People continued to do that throughout her toddlerhood.
  8. The afternoon I passed my dad in his neighborhood and we stopped, rolled down our windows and he slipped me a wad of hundreds.  It was a financially rough patch in my life and he wanted me to have some money I could call ‘my very own’ and spend it on myself.  (thanks Dad, I’ll never forget that moment)
  9. The eight times I have sailed off into the sunset leaving land far behind.  We love cruising and I can’t wait to do it again.
  10. The first time I finished a public speaking commitment before a large group of women and realized, YES – a can do this!  I had been terrified of public speaking my whole life until that moment.  I even took a ‘D’ once on an oral report because I wouldn’t get up in front of the class.  I have had no problems standing in front of people since that moment and I think the key is that I learned the fine art of laughing at myself.

One Comment on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Now these are some interesting and unique repeatable moments in your life! I can relate to that Stingray (mine was also pink) and that gesture from your Dad was amazing. I hope I can do something as loving, meaningful, and helpful for my kids someday.

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