Two Sock Tuesday ~ Fish Lips Experiment

Nine ladies.  Nine ladies will be coming to my house Friday to learn the infamous FISH LIPS KISS HEEL.  We planned this sock adventure at our last Friday Fiber event when someone asked me, ‘Have you ever tried the Fish Lips Kiss Heel?’  I had not, but it was a heel technique I had planned to learn sometime this year.

Many people have raved about this heel and many people have told me I needed to give it a try even though the Eye of Partridge flap heel is my favorite heel.  I am skeptical the FLK heel will replace my favorite but I am all about learning new things so will enjoy this little sock adventure.  Somehow, it fell into my lap to learn and teach it so today I am getting ready for Friday.
Having an accurate tracing of your foot is part of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and knowing exactly where your ankle bone is another component.

Twin stitch knits and twin stitch purls — interesting…..


Boomerang ….very interesting…

Two Sock Tuesday ~

I have finished the first sock for this month’s  SOCKS FROM STASH challenge.  We were to find the oldest yarn in our stash and knit some socks with it.  I am finding that I adore this yarn.  Funny how that is because it would have taken me years to consider knitting a pair of socks with it just because… well, it was crumpled up in a bag with the original misshapen sock and was at the back of a well filled drawer.  This is why it is good to join groups that challenge you outside of your comfort zone (remind me of that when we have to pick the ugliest yarn in our stash.)


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