UFO Thursday ~ Twinings

Twinings has not been touched since June and I thought I would pull her out of the UFO pile to work on today.  If you recall, I have a little bit of accountability from my Saturday knitting group to stick to my UFO list I made at the beginning of the year.  Being altogether faithful to this list?  Well, let’s just say I’m trying……. there is a shawl I really do want to cast on and it is using stash yarn, mostly.



Twinings appears to be approaching the halfway point.  It is knit in two parts and then grafted together in the middle.  I know, right?  It has been a very long time since I cast this on, maybe a couple years, it doesn’t even have a cast-on date on it’s Ravelry project page.  The laceweight yarn I am using is Fyberspates Scrumptious in the ‘Water’ colorway.  I made one of these for a friend to wear to her son’s wedding and I did it in record time.  Maybe that is why I am prolonging this project out. No doubt my shoulder has some lurching memory of how it ached throughout the speed knitting.

The shawl I am longing to start is Romi’s Simee Dimeh.  I thought it would be a perfect stash busting project!



Simee Dimeh has a very interesting stitch design.  TEXTURE seems to be the current trend in knitting this year and Simee Dimeh definitely fits into that category.  I can’t wait to see how this design is constructed.  I usually learn something new every time I knit one of Romi’s shawls.

This is the first round of colors I have pulled from my stash for Simee Dimeh (I think if I say that name enough in this post I might remember it).  What do you think?  Before I start it I will throw out some options again for some advice.

I was blown away this week by the Yarn Harlot’s blog post on fixing a section of knitting where a mistake has been made a few rows back. The unhappy solution is usually to rip out those rows and re-knit them. But what if your project has over 350 sts per row? Ikes!

(Yarn Harlot’s Shawl)

Enter this genius method, where only the incorrect section needs to be ripped and re-knit.  It’s best explained in pictures, so pop on over to to Stephanie’s site, and be amazed!

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