Colorful Bumbling Indecisiveness

There is a mystery shawl knit along about to start that I will be participating in and I am in a state of indecision.  Anyone who knows me, knows I vacillate when it comes to choosing colors – should I pick this one? that one? no, no, the other one?

I asked the ladies in the Romi’s Studio discussion group on Ravelry their opinion and it was a almost a virtual tie so now I come to you and ask, “Which combo do you like?”  This will be a mystery knit along with clues released weekly so I can’t give you any particulars except that it will be a triangular shawl knit in two colors.

Option 1 – Tart and Whiskey:


Option 2 – Whiskey and Well Water:


Option 3 – Whiskey and Rainwater:


10 Comments on “Colorful Bumbling Indecisiveness

  1. I would ask you when do you think you will wear this shawl? I have one I only wear when we are going out and one that I wear at home most of the time. Outing shawl I pick Rainwater, casual shawl I pick Tart. Reasoning is, Rainwater will go with most anything and be stunning, Tart is bright and seems like a warm hug.

    • Great points to think about….and I will definitely be thinking ….

  2. I love all of the yarn skeins/pairs that you selected. However I like the middle one best for an unknown shawl. It’s in between high contrast tart w/whiskey and the low contrast whiskey w/rainwater.

    I would also take a look at all of Romi’s past 2 color shawls on her Ravelry page and see if you lean more frequently towards one of the yarn options as a choice for the different color shawl patterns that she has on her site.


  3. Pick the colors you like to wear. The colors that go with the colors/clothes you normally wear.
    (If you were making it for me, I’d go with the whiskey and well water ~ just sayin’)

    • Thanks, Kim. I was hoping you would weigh in because I know you have that eye for color!

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