You Need to Read Yarn Along

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny and her knitting bookworms this morning on a Yarn Along……………

I’ve always seemed to look at the glass half empty instead of half full.

In recent years my tendency to look at that half empty glass has started changing.  It all began with Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.  After reading it I began a personal challenge to live fully right where I am, each and every day.  I joined the Joy Dare and began counting things to be thankful for until I got to 1000.  It has been an amazing journey.

Ingratitude seems to be something that dwells deep within our makeup.  When Jesus healed the ten lepers only one returned to thank him yet all ten lives would be dramatically changed for the good from that point onward.  That is pretty much says it – 90% ungrateful and only 10% giving thanks!

On top of my journal is the beaded beauty I have been working on, Danse Macabre.  Have I mentioned to you in another post that it has 1000 beads in it?  Yep, 1000…… I only remind you because I have shared with you ONE THOUSAND GIFTS on this Yarn Along today.  If you struggle with the ‘half empty’ as I do, this is a book for you.


2 Comments on “You Need to Read Yarn Along

  1. Can’t wait to see the beaded beauty! I just love beads on about anything 🙂 Are you using a crochet hook, Beadle-Needle or the dental stuff to place them? I just bought a Beadle-Needle for Laura’s MKAL. I’ll have to pickup the book you referenced ~ sounds interesting. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful work you’re crafting there…obviously very time consuming. And Ann’s book, oh my! Was a life changer for me too. Can’t say enough good things about that book.

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