You Need to Know Before Traveling

You need to know that doing your homework before traveling is extremely important.  Three years ago our cruise ship made landfall in the Azores islands after crossing the Atlantic for six days.  It was a foggy morning but that did not prevent us from seeing the beauty of this verdant, lush island.
The Azores
The Azores are located in the Atlantic Ocean about 1,000 miles from the coast of Portugal.  We were excited to reach landfall after the many days at sea but also a little surprised that the British Isles were still a few days beyond this port of call.
The Azores
The Azores
The Azores

Flowers and unusual trees  flourish on the island.

We visited a pineapple plantation.

Azores The Azores
Beautifuly cobbled stone streets with neat little store fronts and there were many people in town for a festival, customs that were unusual to us but were widely attended by the islanders.
The Azores The Azores
Festival in The Azores

But, had I done my research a little more carefully I would have learned that the islanders were famous for knitting fine medallion lace patterns.  Azores lace, or Pita lace, is incredibly delicate in design and detail.  The lace is created with a single thread using traditional knitting patterns.

Azores Lace
Azores Lace
Azores Lace
Azores Lace

I was sad-so-sad when I realized that I had missed,what would have been to me, the most spectacular attraction on this island………Pita Lace …. so you need to know that when you travel your destination may be famous for a hobby you yourself enjoy.

2 Comments on “You Need to Know Before Traveling

  1. Wow! I’ve not heard of this lace. It’s beautiful, and some of it reminds me of tape lace.

  2. Something new around every turn – it’s a beautiful spot with beautiful stitches 🙂

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