Beware of Best-Selling Designers

Stand forewarned, best-selling designers can be dangerous because they are simply inspirational, totally.  Ann Budd is a designer who has inspired me in more ways than one.  Not only is she  known for her sock designs but she has also been designated a master knitter by the Knitting Guild Association which speaks very highly in my opinion.  (Many of you know that I’m in that program myself and can tell you first hand that it is pretty rigorous.)  So, I am not surprised that Ms. Budd has a build-on-the-basics approach to pattern writing.


Well-known are her ‘formula’ type reference books that seemed to be written to bring out the inner designer in her readers.  My favorite is called, The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges‘  and is, in my opinion, one of her most brilliant books.  All you need to know is your gauge and if you know that, you can knit a wide variety of basic patterns using any yarn you want with whatever needles you prefer.  I’ve used the sock and hat patterns in the book to do just that.  Soon, I will use this book to knit hubby a vest by just plugging numbers into the formulas in the book.

I once knit a pair of socks crossing the Atlantic using the basic sock pattern in the Handy Book of Patterns….. a simple project that was pretty mindless and that I was able to take with me everywhere.
Knitting in the Piazza



My second favorite Ann Budd book is called Sock Knitting Master Class In this book she has put together the unparalleled signature elements and techniques of 15 top sock designers into a resource that I think of as a type of ‘master’ class.  I’ve learned a few new techniques from the three designs I have knit thus far: Almondine (Anne Hanson), Asymmetrical Cables (Cookie A.) and Pussy Willows (Cat Bordhi).  I will continue forging through this excellent resource and know I will be all the better for it.


One Comment on “Beware of Best-Selling Designers

  1. Can’t wait to have time to get working on the 2nd book ~ it’s waiting tor me on the shelf :-/

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