Making Pigseyes on a Yarnalong

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That just about sums it up, buttonholes have boiled up around here recently and I have no more excuses putting off their research for the TKGA Master Knitting Program.  My assignment is to knit them ‘unobstrusively’ in single rib, double rib and seed stitch.  I’m to knit one vertical, one horizontal and one of my own choice.

Pigseyes Research

Reading along with Ginny’s peeps on a Yarn Along?  Well, still no fiction here for me, just many knitting reference books; however,I will share a favorite out of that stack.  This little book is just perfect for tucking inside a knitting bag whilst traveling, The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe.  It is filled with solutions to every problem you will face,  has answers to every question you might ask and has hundreds of clear illustrations.

As far as finished knitting goes, the Dublin Monkey Socks have been blocked and worn already.  I’m calling them my ‘Dublin’ Monkeys because I used souvenir yarn from a shop in Dublin called This is Knit.  Every time I wear these I will think of that fabulous shop, the conversations I had with its employees and the marvelous day I had exploring Dublin.

Dublin Monkey Socks

The Monkey Sock pattern was popular on many years ago and spurred me on to host several international sock swaps which proved to be wildly successful – long before the days of Ravelry.  I assigned a ‘monkey pal’ to each participant for whom they: knit a pair of Monkey Socks , sent a Cookie A. sock pattern and  three ‘monkey’ gifts.  It was great fun for a great sock design by Cookie A.

Currently on my needles is a Chrissy Gardiner sock design from Sock Knitting Master Class called Slip-n-Slide.  Ms. Gardiner likes to use unusual stitch patterns and that showcase the yarn in unique ways.  I’m using a shockingly pink solid yarn for this pattern so the slipped motifs will stand out more than on a variegated yarn.

What about you?  Have you read anything fun recently that might be a little more relaxing than researching buttonholes?

8 Comments on “Making Pigseyes on a Yarnalong

  1. I love the Monkey sock pattern. I’ve done it once and plan on doing it again. I love your yarn choice and love that it’s a souvenier yarn. How fun to remember a trip everytime you wear them Unfortunately all my reading is non-fiction and mainly about managing money and while I’m enjoying it, it may not seem more exciting than yours. I’m debating the TKGA Master Knitting program in the future. Not now, but I can see it in a year or so. I am definitely intrigued by it. Good luck and I love the Knitting Answer book too!

  2. I have a copy of a buttonhole procedure from a local knitting teacher. She was excellent at what she did. If you’d like, I will email it to you. Btw, reading your blog about the TKGA Master Knitting Program is inspiring me. 🙂

  3. My current reading is the book of Acts in the Bible. An amazing book I must say! Your monkey socks are very nice and a lovely way to remember your time in Dublin. I bought a lovely skein of YOTH yarn at A Good Yarn in Sarasota and am looking for a special shawl pattern to remember my vacation at the beach. Blessings to you! Kelley Secrest

  4. P.S. The cardigan from Endeavour looks like a popular Brunswick pattern from the mid-70’s. You might find the pattern book on eBay. I also think you would have success following EZ’s method. Google luck! k

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