3 Terrific Reasons to Have a Fiber Room

Fiber Cave

Men have their ‘men caves’, right?  Well, I think women fully deserve to have ‘women’ caves.  Here are three reasons why:

1. KNITTING – I started out as knitter, as a sock knitter.  The yarn stash grew, a collection of needles began and all my ‘tools’ were hanging out in every corner of the house.  I broadened my knitting horizons and all so needed more tools and more fiber.  When fiber buddies told me the next step would be spinning I said,  “Nope, not me!  There are too many things I want to knit.”   So, it surprised me a bit when I bought a spinning wheel three years ago at a the Salida Fiber Festival.

2.  SPINNING –  I found I truly love it.  There is just something so very relaxing about having fiber flow through your hands and become, gasp, yarn.  It is exciting to see how the colors play together.

Paper Roses

I started with a Schacht Ladybug but soon after traded her in for what I really wanted, the beautiful Schacht Matchless. I named her Betsy.



The braids of fiber are so very lovely, too and it is hard not to collect them.  They look so pretty hanging on door knobs but you can’t really do that if you don’t have your own little cave because people will think you are a bit odd.

Fiber Cave

For the past two years I said I would only knit and spin but I absolutely would never have a desire to WEAVE.  My fine group of knitting buddies said it was time I broadened my horizons even further.  I said, “Nope, not for me because there are too many things to knit, too many things to spin.”  Their main fiber passion was weaving.  Each time we got together I saw the beautiful woven pieces in their homes and slowly, slowly I decided I would give it a try and asked Santa for a rigid heddle loom last January.

My Harp

3.  Weaving – I’m a beginner and that is not always a fun place to be.  In the past couple weeks alone I have made a couple rookie mistakes, big rookie mistakes.  I know it will get easier because it was not too long ago that I was confused about how to turn a heel on a sock and I would cry out in frustration and rip the whole sock out because I didn’t know how to fix simple knitting mistakes.

So, if you love fiber as much as I do and own knitting needles, spinning wheels, spindles, looms and lots of stash then carve yourself out a fiber room somewhere in your house.  When your kid heads off to college claim that room!  Because I must confess  – having a place to escape to in the house that you can call your very own space is fabulous-stupendous-awesome.  Having it filled with fiber and fiber toys?  Who needs chocolate?  Who needs a big screen TV?

There is something I must disclose though, if you bring your desktop into your new fiber cave and put it on the floor …… you just may find your dog watching Sherlock with you.

Kenzie and Sherlock

4 Comments on “3 Terrific Reasons to Have a Fiber Room

  1. So agree!
    Love your Fiber Room ~ I have the beginnings of my fiber room organized, and trying not to fall into the “weaving hole”. It was my first, no… second, fiber attraction. Spinning was the first ~ I am proud to say I am a newbie on my Matchless and spinning more consistent 🙂 So I’ll keep spinning and knitting ~ and watch your progress cuz you never know!
    Take care! Can’t wait to see and hear more…

  2. I just recently discovered your blog and have been reading all your back posts. I am really enjoying it! Even though I have been knitting since I was a little girl (back in the early 60s *gasp*) I am always learning some new things to apply to my knitting and spinning. I share many of your interests and a strong faith in the Lord, too. I try to check in about once weekly to see what you are up to. Thanks for sharing your lovely content and photos.

    • It is so nice to meet a kindred spirit, Kathy. Sisters for eternity! Right when I just about decide to stop blogging someone like you stops by. My posts get more and more infrequent but I think I will continue until I hit 1000 posts and then call it quits….LOL. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Oh, dear, I better read faster, LOL! Seriously, thanks for the nice reply and please don’t take down your lovely blog too soon!!! 🙂

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