1,600 Beads

It took an eternity to knit and is the designer ironically named it Eternity.  I wonder if she knew it would take an eternity to knit in 1,600 beads.  The first half of it was smooth sailing but the border, well……you can see for yourself.
Eternity Acero, the yarn I knit it with, was 60% Wool, 20% Rayon, 20% Silk and was different from any yarn I had ever used.  I had great concerns about whether or not I could give the shawl a ‘thuggish’ blocking and didn’t know if, once blocked, it would hold its shape.
This was the first time I used a triangular bead and I see why this brand is popular amongst many lace knitters.

The beads I chose for this shawl are Miyuki 5/0 Triangles in the color 1139, silver lined crystal…..beautiful!

Since they are slightly bigger than a 6/0 round seed bead they seem heavier although……it may just be that there are simply so many beads on this shawl.  At any rate, I bought these in bulk because this clear silver lined triangle is a generic bead that will work with many colors.  This definitely will not be the last time I use this brand and style.
Eternity It seems I left my blocking wires at my ‘Colorado Mountain Home’ and didn’t pack them when I packed for the now affectionately called ‘Texas Ranch’ (although I’m pretty sure you need to have cows to be a real ranch).  That discovery was a moment of despair because I had just finished casting off umpteen little picots that I knew were going to have to be pinned individually in the absence of wires.  I managed, it took the better part of a morning but I got it done.
I’m happy with how the shawl named Eternity turned out.  It blocked out fine and the weight of the beads will keep it there.  This is a special shawl to me for a several reasons.  Firstly, the yarn is a Texas yarn that I bought in Estes Park a few years ago and is from a town my parents used to live in.  Second, the shawl was knit in Texas where we are temporarily living while we try to sell the house we inherited. Thirdly, and most important to me, I try to live my life with an eternal perspective ever before me.
Hubby and I do not know why it has taken so long to sell this beautiful home but we both know that in light of eternity this little ‘time out’ from our regular lives in Colorado serves a purpose that maybe we don’t need to know.  One thing is for sure, I’m enjoying the time down here with family nearby and the warmer temperatures have been a nice change.

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