Supercharge Your Procrastination

Weaving for Christmas forward not Christmas behind – this was the decision that I consciously made last week when I decided it was time to supercharge a weaving project that I started last October.

I’m learning that the most time consuming part of any weaving project is simply getting the warp on the loom.  A fellow weaver told me that 75% of the project is everything you do before the weaving begins.  I believe it.


My favorite two in one weaving tool is this combo threading/sley hook by Harrisburg Designs.

It’s pretty handy and I use it for both threading the heddles and sleying the reed.  The tiny hook on one end makes scooping threads into the heddle easy and the fatter end fits easily into the reed slots for the next step, sleying that reed.


So far everything looks good but I think it prudent to double check the reed slots before I get my boat shuttles would with weft yarn.  I’ll wait until the light of day.

First Woven Pillows

I can’t wait to see how these threads play with one another.  Weaving is just around the corner.


Did you start something for Christmas last year that didn’t quite make it in time?  I hope I am not the only one who gets sidetracked with too many projects!

2 Comments on “Supercharge Your Procrastination

  1. Totally different language when it comes to weaving. I tried it once but it didn’t do it for me. I think it was all the pre-weaving nonsense which you describe.

    And yes, dozens of christmas/birthday/baby/anything else projects that never saw the light of day. Shhhhh……….

  2. Looking forward to seeing those colors play together in your weaving. As for Christmas projects? Oh yes! Every year there’s at least one thing! Doesn’t matter how early I start or how organised I try to be (maybe because I always manage to convince myself I can squeeze just one more thing in?!) but I have learnt not to fret too much, it will be ok for the next Christmas 😉 have a lovely week, Helen

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