Marled Birthday Magic

At the end of October I will be planting my feet firmly into another decade and with each passing year I want to declutter more and live life more in the ‘minimalist’ fashion.  I no longer watch television as much as I once did and I find myself listening to podcasts and audio books as the needles click.  One podcaster I particularly enjoy listening to is co-hosting a shawl knit along using one of Stephen West’s patterns, MARLED MAGIC. 

Marled Mesh

The marling of yarns seems to be the current knitting craze along with ‘finding your fade.’  Although I’m not crazy about some of the wild colors Stephen West uses I have found that I learn some new technique every time I knit one of his patterns.  So, when Voolenvine announced that the knit along would be the MARLED MAGIC shawl I knew it would be right up my alley! Marled Mesh

MARLED MAGIC was designed to be a stash busting pattern using all kinds of colors from the knitters yarn collection and boy do I have some stash to reduce.  So how perfect is that?  I will hit another birthday with less stash (minimalist thinking, right?) and I will have a crazy wild WEST KNITS shawl but in all the colors in my wardrobe palette.  It will be a creative effort in combining colors kind of like fair isle knitting or painting.  My ultimate goal would be that it would make any shirt in my wardrobe ‘pop’ because it will have all the colors in my wardrobe.  And knitting this shawl will also be a walk down memory lane as I use bits of leftover yarn from loved projects I have already knit.  I’m pretty pumped.

I cast on yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night thinking about color combinations and wanting to knit so yep, I got up and did just that.  The first section of MARLED MAGIC is a mesh pattern.  I chose to knit a classic marl using a neutral rose beige in my color palette held together with another variegated yarn.  The variegated yarn has blues-periwinkles-amethyst-violets-plums-purples in it.  Lovely!  The classic marl is done by holding two colors together to as you knit creating a ‘marled’ effect.

Marled Section 1

I used the rose beige years ago in my COLORADO SUNRISE HAT.  That hat was a fun project I did with a couple friends.  We each had a time of day that we took a picture of the Colorado sky.  We ran the picture through a color generator to get the colors.  I got sunrise forgetting how early the sun rises in the mountain in the wintertime and how cold it was.  I knit a fair isle hat with my colors.  The photographs I used are on my Ravelry project page here. Marled - Section 1

The variegated Malabrigo yarn was used in the Linken shawl, one of Rosemary Hill’s  Seven Small Shawls.  I played yarn chicken and fretted about it on the group board.  Another participant was using the exact same color and had bought two skeins and had leftovers.  She offered to send the leftovers to me and I took her up on her offer.  The dye lot was quite different hers being much more brilliant than the one I had but it worked.  That is when I learned that different pots of dye do not always come out the same even if you are a professional like Malabrigo Yarns.

Marled Mesh

So that is all I have for you on Section 1 of the shawl.  I’m pretty much obsessed with so I foresee putting aside some other things so I can have some monogamous knitting. My mind is spinning with ideas for the next section which is knit in seed stitch.  Hmmmm…..spinning…..that is a thought, maybe I will use some of the fiber I have spun on my spinning wheel.  This is going to be fun indeed!

One Comment on “Marled Birthday Magic

  1. I love de-stashing and trying to minimalise. I don’t always manage it but I’ve just finished a quilt which has been on the go for years. All from stash. It gives me a buzz to find a wee space in my workroom. I hope you enjoy your next decade.

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