Tassels or No Tassels?

I’m sitting here with the cuddly Marled Magic wrapped around my shoulders.  It needs to head for the blocking bath but is is so scrumptious with it’s silk mohair marled in that I don’t want to take it off.

This has been a fun shawl to knit and I’m not sure where the magic started happening but it happened.  Was it the memories the leftover bits of yarn told to me as I knit?  Was it the colors of my own magical color palette that make me smile and bring joy?  I’m not sure but I sure do love this crazy shawl.

I’m in a bit of a dilema on the tassels.  I was supposed to add a ‘pop’ color in to break up the overall blue of the colors I used so I chose this Madelinetosh Lite yellow color called Candlewick.  Not sure about it.  I little may be okay but three huge tassels off each of the three shawl points? Really not sure.  What do you think?

I can leave it without tassels or I can add another color if the yellow is a bit much.

Off for a soak now which will make this big shawl even bigger, even softer, even more magical.


2 Comments on “Tassels or No Tassels?

  1. It’s beautiful! Love your colors, too. What about trying tassels made of the candlewick and some of the blues & neutrals you used. Mix it up ~ channel that inter-hippie 🙂 Then maybe the candlewick wouldn’t leave you with an overpowering feeling…
    Have fun!

    • Great idea! I tried a completely mixed tassel and didn’t like it. Then I went with the solid light blue and didn’t like it.. Next I will try your suggestion.

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