In Which the Mum Goes Live

I may be absolutely crazy but, here you go…….I’m podcasting.

7 Comments on “In Which the Mum Goes Live

  1. What fun! I enjoyed kniitting as I watched. It felt like I had joined you for a little shared knitting time😊 The yellow in the scarf really pulls it all together oddly enough doesnt it?! And the large tassels as well! Can you show us how you made the tassel? I agree wholeheartedly about crochet! My forays into crochet always make me ‘loopy’ at the ends of rows… is this it! No that? Hmmm no that one?!😀

    • Thanks, Maureen! Well I enjoyed pretending you were right there knitting away! I will try to film a little video of making those tassels and put in a podcast soon. Thanks for the idea. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Looking forward to it. I miss my local yarn shop that closed recently! Stop by my blog when you need a giggle or something to ‘chew on’😊

    • The Exploration Station is a shawl design by Stephen West. Another crazy shawl but lots of fun to knit.

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