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Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting

The next Socks-for-Mum podcast has been uploaded. In this episode I show my newly finished Diamond Fizz Shawl and I chatter about the Fern and Feather sweater.  There is a prize draw.  I share a little bit about knitting in Colonial times – yep,… Continue Reading “Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting”

Mother’s Tree

A few weeks ago I went back to my optometrist because my right eye felt filmy all the time.  When she told me my cataract had grown and I needed to play the ‘waiting’ game before having it taken care of a bee got… Continue Reading “Mother’s Tree”


I remember many years ago, as a computer programmer, it was required that I had to turn in time estimates when working on projects.  As a team, all our estimates needed to be fairly accurate or we would jeopardize the critical time-frames of our… Continue Reading “Procrastination”

100% Alpaca

100% Alpaca in my lap on a summer day? Am I insane? It is quite possible especially since this 100% Alpaca is knit into a massive Pi Shawl that will be a cozy lap blanket come winter. Alpaca is warmer than wool and this… Continue Reading “100% Alpaca”

Cables, Cables, Warm About the Neck

Dubliner is blocked, finished and photographed. I need to send only one photo to The Loopy Ewe and can’t decide which one to send. This is when I need an opinion other than my husband’s and thought I would ask anyone who happens by the… Continue Reading “Cables, Cables, Warm About the Neck”

Finishing Rosemarkie – Part Two

Because I used pure 100% Shetland Wool when I knit Rosemarkie I could have simply cut my steeks open, trimmed them and left them as is. The fleece of Shetland sheep has a propensity to felt and over time the surface hairs become entangled… Continue Reading “Finishing Rosemarkie – Part Two”

Finishing Rosemarkie – Part One

Seriously now? Has it really taken me TWO years to get this vest finished? Shame on me! It is time to cross that finish line and today is the day to start the sprint. This morning I darned all the loose ends on the… Continue Reading “Finishing Rosemarkie – Part One”

Finish Line in Sight

The days are getting warmer here in the mountains and I am able to spend more time outdoors in my favorite spot. The sun shines brightly on my deck until early afternoon but when I sit in my little corner it is quite pleasant,… Continue Reading “Finish Line in Sight”

Sweet Peerie Flooers and the Like

Often knitting peer pressure can be a very good thing. If you are in a knitting group then you know exactly what I mean. Sometimes the pressure has you casting on projects that out of your comfort zone but, no worries, your pals are… Continue Reading “Sweet Peerie Flooers and the Like”