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Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting

The next Socks-for-Mum podcast has been uploaded. In this episode I show my newly finished Diamond Fizz Shawl and I chatter about the Fern and Feather sweater.  There is a prize draw.  I share a little bit about knitting in Colonial times – yep,… Continue Reading “Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting”


I bought a nøstepinne last night at spinning group.  Nøstepinne.  I love that word.  noh-ste-pin. Up until last night I knew they existed but I didn’t really know what they were used for.  I actually thought it was some kind of spindle, perhaps a… Continue Reading “Nøstepinne”

Italian Knitting

I visited Italy on my twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and I think it will be forever in my heart. As a lifelong historian, I’ve long been fascinated with the history of Italy. The month of April draws me back to Tuscany because that was the… Continue Reading “Italian Knitting”