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Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting

The next Socks-for-Mum podcast has been uploaded. In this episode I show my newly finished Diamond Fizz Shawl and I chatter about the Fern and Feather sweater.  There is a prize draw.  I share a little bit about knitting in Colonial times – yep,… Continue Reading “Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting”

What No One Tells You About the Master Knitting Program

There are many key benefits to enrolling in the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program but what no one ever tells you is that it is an epic formula to overcome the dread of seaming your knitting.  I will be the first to admit that the program… Continue Reading “What No One Tells You About the Master Knitting Program”

The Pigseyes Adventure Checked Off

Would Elizabeth Zimmermann be proud of me? I’ve completed my buttonhole research for Level Two of the Master Hand Knitting Program and my brain is on buttonhole overload right now.  Something tells me Elizabeth would be sighing, shaking her head and telling me just… Continue Reading “The Pigseyes Adventure Checked Off”

Master Knitting Monday with Frozen Pine Trees Outside

The world is frozen outside and the roads are icy so my allergist canceled coming up Ute Pass for those of us on the other side of Pikes Peak.  I really should take down the Christmas wreaths that still hang on my windows but there has… Continue Reading “Master Knitting Monday with Frozen Pine Trees Outside”

Seams – The First Week

With the recent revision of the Master Knitting Program Level 2,  I have decided to start afresh.  It seems like a primary focus in this level is seaming. With nineteen swatches to knit the first nine swatches all have to do with seams.  Although… Continue Reading “Seams – The First Week”

Master Monday – Let the Swatches Begin

Monday is a laundry day for me.  It is also the day I iron shirts.  Sounds mundane, doesn’t it?  I think I will need to throw in a bit of knitting to work on between those loads of laundry and what sounds like a… Continue Reading “Master Monday – Let the Swatches Begin”

On My Way to the Masters

Packed up and shipped off! The last couple weeks have been a fog as I have concentrated completely on finishing up the Master Knitting course so I could mail it today! It has felt like when I was in college during those last two… Continue Reading “On My Way to the Masters”

Master Knitting Level 1 Swatches Done

Before I started The Knitting Guild Association’s Master Hand Knitting Program I didn’t really have a clear picture of what I was getting in to.  The TKGA website gave a very short synopsis of each of the three levels, not really enough for me… Continue Reading “Master Knitting Level 1 Swatches Done”

Master Knitting and Pattern Tweeking

Small things are just about all I have been able to focus on this last week.   Nothing too complex, nothing that requires deep concentration but tasks that a flu wracked body can handle.  Yesterday afternoon I spent time re-visiting the design software on… Continue Reading “Master Knitting and Pattern Tweeking”

Weekend Ramblings

Last weekend was perfect for a long anticipated outdoor wedding in the mountains. There were a few rough roads to travel on but the destination was well worth the trek — such a lovely spot. The bride’s father wore a kilt and hand-knit kilt… Continue Reading “Weekend Ramblings”