Started Basketcase Sock

I finally made a yarn choice for the Basketcase Sock Knit-along. I had originally thought I would use a Lilac Shepherd Sock yarn but ended up with a lovely tweedy Blauband. The temperatures dropped today up here in the mountains and it felt like autumn was in the air. I actually checked our aspen to make sure none were starting to turn gold. As I pulled out my lilac yarn all ready to cast on, I suddenly could not longer picture this sock in lilac. It seemed very appropriate that it should be a ‘fall’ color. I love the way the browns are changing subtly.

I cast on 60 sts using my size 2 Addi Turbo circular needles. The pattern is interesting and fun to knit.

I got an email from and they have shipped my Weaver’s Wool and my Natura circulars. These are for the FRIDAY HARBOR sock knit-along. Hopefully, I will begin those on Thursday. I will then have three socks going all at once! What a nut I am.

First Cable and Rib Sock Completed

I finished my first Cable and Rib Sock today and it is by far my favorite sock. The yarn I used was Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Huckleberry. The needle size was 2.5mm. I used my Addi Turbo circulars for the leg and the foot. I switched to Crystal Palace size 2-1/2 for the gusset decreases because I haven’t quite figured out how to do comfortably with circulars.

There were a couple unusual, or I should say ‘new’ things for me with this sock. The cast on was with double threads. The heel was a short-row heel which, after one try, I frogged for my traditional French heel. The heel number was 31, so I k2tog to get the st down to 30 and then knit 17 in to start the heel turn. The toe was strange and I am not sure I will use it again other than for these socks. Instead of doing the dec on the sides of the toes, they were interspersed around the toe followed by several rows of plain knit. The toe didn’t look as smooth as I prefer. I ended with 6sts that I drew the yarn through. I prefer the Kitchener stitch.

All in all, it is lovely and fits nicely. I really love this Bearfoot soft. And the colors are so mountain-y…..just like my home here in the Rockies. This afternoon was cold and drizzly. When I finished the sock I looked outside at Pikes Peak and it was covered with snow. And so Fall begins here in the Rockies.

Off to pick up my house before casting on for the second sock.

I’m Finally a Blogger!

I finally have my own blog spot so I guess I am officially a BLOGGER! I have been reading and posting on other blogspots for a couple years and decided that the time has come for me to create my own place to journal.

My passion this year is knitting socks. They are totally addicting! I recently discovered that there are sock ‘knit-alongs’ online and promptly joined two knit-alongs. One of them is knitting from one of my favorite sock books called KNTTING ON THE ROAD by Nancy Bush. She has some of the prettiest sock patterns out there and I was excited to find a group of ladies with the goal of knitting a selected sock from this book six times a year. The second knit-along group is knitting a pair of socks called Basketcase Socks. Both groups started their knitting August 1 and will conclude the sock at the end of September. I will post pictures of my socks to show my progress. The best thing about a knit-along is all the sage advice of other knitters. If I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong I just post a question on the site and other knitters post the answer. It’s wonderful!

Time to snuggle down for an evening of sock knitting. I’m waiting for my Weaver’s Wool for the Friday Harbor sock, so as I wait I’m knitting the Ribs and Cables sock from the latest Interweave Magazine. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.