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Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting

The next Socks-for-Mum podcast has been uploaded. In this episode I show my newly finished Diamond Fizz Shawl and I chatter about the Fern and Feather sweater.  There is a prize draw.  I share a little bit about knitting in Colonial times – yep,… Continue Reading “Episode 12 | Colonial Knitting”

A Penny for My Thoughts

Ten years ago I was passionate about knitting socks and really had no interest in knitting anything else.   After spending two years reading the blogs of others who shared their knitting passions on-line I created my own blog as a place to journal as well.… Continue Reading “A Penny for My Thoughts”

Yarn Along {The Lazy Couponer}

Not that I’m going for a standing ovation at the cash register like Jamie Chase, author of The Lazy Couponer, did but I could use a few pointers in that overwhelming world of coupons! Nor do I expect to save over $25,000 per year… Continue Reading “Yarn Along {The Lazy Couponer}”